As of January, 2019 TCSF has awarded over $1,000,000 in grants to support the students of the Temple City Unified School District

In Person Grants are accepted year round.

Please follow the directions on the application.

TCSF Board Grant - Requests for grants that are for amounts that exceed $500 or that are being requested outside the Fall online Grant window must be requested in person at a TCSF Board meeting. Applicants MUST download this APPLICATIONand email to request to be placed on the board agenda. The applicant(s) will give a very brief (no more than 3 minutes) presentation and will bring 20 copies of their application to be handed to the board members for review. Applicants will be notified after the meeting if their grant was approved.

Fall Grants = Online Application for 2018 has CLOSED! 2019 Grant Window will open in August 2019

Fall 2018 Grant Applications - Classroom grants that do not exceed $500.

Fall Grant Applications will be accepted from August 28th to September 28th. All grant applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on September 28, 2018 for consideration.

Click here to download the Grant Application Information

Click here to access the Online Application


​Here is a list of the 2015-2018 Grant Recipients, all educators on the list met the criteria established by the Foundation to qualify for a grant. Our organization recognizes that giving back to our students is a collaborative effort, we are thankful for the cooperation that has been received from both the teachers & administration at Temple City Unified School District.  Congratulations, to all of the grant recipients!

FALL 2018

Mr. Reggie Rios DDSLC Maker Space Update 
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Leadership Disneyland Experience
Ms. Shannon Findley DDSLC Field Trip for students
Miss. Ashley Dimkich Emperor Flocabulary and STEAM enrichment materials
Miss. Roxanne Trieu Emperor Materials for a classroom makerspace
Mr. Timothy Rodriguez Emperor Author/Artist Visit
Mrs. Amy Gerling Emperor iPad with Apple Pencil
Mrs. Helen Hsu Emperor ipads, flexible seating, stem
Mrs. Iris Hannon Emperor Furnitures for Flexible Seating
Mrs. Lacey  Scanlan Emperor Flexible Seating and Lab Supplies
Mrs. Michelle Conzonire Emperor money to buy science materials 
Mrs. Sandra Johnson Emperor Building sets for STEAM learning
Mrs. Shelley Scanlan Emperor Flexible seating options
Mrs. Sophia La Emperor Headphones and Document Camera Cart
Mrs. Vicky Lin Emperor Flexible seating, games, and STEAM
Mrs. Cindi Young La Rosa iPad and Apple Pen for literacy
Mrs. Kimberly Justiniani  La Rosa STEAM resources to encourage thinking.
Mrs. Alice Chan Longden Books for classroom library
Mrs. Christy  Taylor Longden Innovative Explore Activities
Mrs. Diana Lam Longden Books for Classroom Library/Bookshelf
Mrs. June Wang Longden Chromebook and nonfiction books
Mrs. Katy Korsavong Longden Lego & Plants
Mrs. Marilyn Espinosa Longden Flexibility: A New Learning Experience
Mrs. Michelle Naylor Longden scales, non-fiction books, iPad cases
Mrs. Nikki Shifter Longden Sensory/Mindfulness Tools, flexible seating
Ms. Geraldine Ramirez Longden Kindergarten Reads the World
Ms. Gwendolyn Wexler Longden  Science materials for exploration
Mr. Aaron Loomis Oak Chromebooks for Projects,AR & Research
Mr. Aryn Hart Oak Educational Games for student engagement
Mr. Jimmy YU Oak Replacement Yearbook camera
Mr. Richard "Darin" Basgall Oak Classroom Ipad for student projects
Mr. Scott Sherman Oak Chromebook Acquisition For Class
Mrs. Karen  Sweet Oak class book sets and tools
Mrs. Katie Arrighi Oak Flags for Auxiliaries parades/competitions
Ms. Amanda Kasuyama Oak Supplies for Project Based Learning
Ms. Holly Tran Oak  2 Chromebooks for classroom use
Ms. Jamie Campbell Oak iPad for Student Engagement apps
Ms. Marta Bourjeili Oak MacBook Air for student projects
Mr. Nathan Slaymaker TCHS A Library for the new Leadership class
Mrs. Jessica  Shunkey TCHS Books for ELD students
Mrs. Kristi Ferntheil TCHS Student Supplies for Student Success
Mrs. Leila Herman TCHS School Supplies for Student Success
Mrs. Robyn Selders TCHS School supplies for student success
Ms. Dawn Neufeld TCHS Books for classroom library
Ms. Lynn  Alvarez TCHS Photo studio equipment, for yearbook class

FALL 2017

Mr. Raul Acevedo DDSLC Student field trips to PCC and CSULA
Mr. Reggie  Rios DDSLC Indoor grow light germination systems
Mr. Reggie Rios DDSLC Software for Graphics Printing
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Ronald McDonald Community Service
Ms. Shannon Findley DDSLC Field Trip
Miss. Ashley Dimkich Emperor Flexible seating options for students
Miss. Deanna Young Emperor tk flexible seating / wobble chairs!
Miss. Lacey Henderson Emperor Supplies/Books for STEAM/NGSS material
Miss. Leanne Frontuto Emperor two chromebooks for student use
Miss. Lisa  Kiyomura Emperor Materials NGSS/STEAM project based learning
Miss. Roxanne Trieu Emperor NGSS curriculum and lab material
Mr. Timothy Rodriguez Emperor Lego Wall for STEAM Makerspace
Mrs. Alice Chou Emperor Printer for STEAM projects
Mrs. Ashleigh Sanders Emperor Vidget Seats-flexible seating
Mrs. Helen Hsu Emperor Chromebook for small groups
Mrs. Iris  Hannon Emperor Chromebooks for classroom use
Mrs. Karen Campbell Emperor kinder flexible seating / wobble chairs
Mrs. Sandy  Keelin Emperor Materials for NGSS/STEAM labs
Mrs. Shelby Greep (Elliott) Emperor NGSS  hands-on Labs
Mrs. Shelley Scanlan Emperor Flexible seating options and BOOKS!
Mrs. Vicky Lin Emperor VersaTiles self-checking, skills practice system
Mrs. Wynde Barz Emperor Project supplies/shirts for Peace Squad
Mrs. Cindi Young La Rosa Board games and microphone ball
Mrs. Jamie Tibajia La Rosa Flexible classroom seating for students
Mrs. Kimberly Justiniani La Rosa Small appliances and supplies/ingredients
Mrs. Kirsten Shore La Rosa Digital cameras for art/tech projects
Mrs. Lisa Karch La Rosa STEAM enrichment materials for  students
Mrs. Shannon Moreno La Rosa Chromebook charging cart
Mr. Brian Stiver Longden iPad for mobile/group research
Mrs. Christy  Taylor Longden Stem Activities for Center Time
Mrs. Dana Sallinger Longden Engineering Activities and STEAM Learning
Mrs. Jennifer DeVito Longden Create engineering center activities
Mrs. Jenny Wong Longden 2 chromebooks for student research
Mrs. Katy  Korsavong Longden Films and books for writing
Ms. Gwendolyn  Wexler Longden  Learning Center Activities 
Mr. Aryn Hart Oak Educational games that engage students
Mr. Darin Basgall Oak Research tool for class (Ipad)
Mr. Kenneth Powell Oak Vital maintenance of Robotics Program.
Mr. Matt Byers Oak Bluetooth Player for Music Room
Mr. Randy Marsh Oak laser color copier/scanner/printer
Mrs. Gloria Autran Oak Novel set for students
Ms. Amanda Kasuyama Oak iPad for technology; paper-use reduced
Ms. Catherine Van Gorder Oak Chromebook/s for student STEAM curricula.
Ms. Jamie Campbell Oak 2 Chromebooks for STEAM extension
Ms. Marta Bourjeili Oak Poetry Slam Filming and Storage 
Dr. AnnMarie Hwang TCHS Ocean Science Bowl Competition Resources
Mr. Elias Bourjeili TCHS Miter Fold Blades
Mr. Grant Rowe TCHS Tablets to enhance curriculum.
Mr. Kevin Slattery TCHS Resources for TCHS Science Olympiad
Mr. Michael Kidd TCHS Pre-Calculus Workbook
Mr. Scott Randles TCHS Seeds, Soil and Water
Mr. Scott Sherman TCHS Historical Fiction Literature and Games
Mrs. Amy Sisson TCHS College Field Trips for Students
Ms. Lisa Kidd TCHS Heatpress for sublimation/vinyl printing
Ms. Sophia Coria TCHS Finch Robots for Computer Science
Ms. Stacy  Rudzik TCHS Field Trip: Chinese/Japanese Museums
Ms. Vanessa Hadikusumah TCHS Art supplies for ELD Showcase

FALL 2016
Ms. Andrea Saldana Cloverly Lab coats and goggles for science labs
Ms. JM Leeming Cloverly Lab coats and googles for science labs
Miss. Shannon Findley DDSLC Field Trip - Funding
Mr. Reggie  Rios DDSLC Continuation of the DDSLC Garden Project
Mr. Reggie Rios DDSLC Students will develop a drone pilot certification program incorporating math.
Mr. Reggie Rios DDSLC Continuation of build of music recording studio
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Amy's Farm - Field Trip
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Leadership Events/Supplies
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Leadership Formal and Informal Shirts
Miss. Amanda Escobedo Emperor T-shirts and Aprons for Tech and Library helpers
Miss. Roxanne Trieu Emperor Adding books to my classroom library
Mr. Timothy Rodriguez Emperor STEAM Materials for the "Storm Chasers"
Mrs. Alice Chou Emperor 2 iPad Minis for student for targeted skill development
Mrs. Amy  Gerling Emperor Genius Hour and Robotics Expansion
Mrs. Helen Hsu Emperor Versa Tiles for student work on math concepts in a fun, puzzle, game format
Mrs. Iris Hannon Emperor 1 iPad Air 2 & Cartridges for HP printer
Mrs. Michelle  Conzonire Emperor Creating a maker space with Ozobots and tinkering items.
Mrs. Nicole Medina Emperor Nonfiction books on biomes found in California.
Mrs. Nina  Haynes Emperor Nonfiction books on Local Native Americans and biomes.
Mrs. Shelley Scanlan Emperor Beanbag chairs and books for classroom library
Mrs. Sophia La Emperor ipad for students
Ms. Ellen Laughlin Emperor Nonfiction books on the subject: San Gabriel Valley Native Americans.
Miss. Jamie Tibajia La Rosa Coding board games and materials for unplugged STEAM activities
Mrs. Cindi Young La Rosa My students will learn how to build, program, engineer, code.
Mrs. Kirsten Shore La Rosa Non Fiction Books and bins to hold them
Mrs. Lisa Hoiby La Rosa 5 Bee-Bot Robots & 2 Blocks & Blueprints sets for STEM learning centers
Mrs. Lisa Karch La Rosa Osmo game systems that uses physical objects with an ipad.
Mrs. Melissa/ Adria Noelte/Mohler La Rosa Literacy Chair bags and some alternative seating
Mr. Brian (Randy) Stiver Longden 2 laptops for student access to district required sites
Mr. David  Alonzo Longden Ipad pro for student use. 
Mr. Randy Green Longden 3D Printer for STEAM learning in the classroom
Mr. Richard "Darin" Basgall Longden Common Core Reading Comprehension student workbooks
Mrs. Alice Chan Longden Ipad for student research, educational sites and AR tests
Mrs. Denise Lee Longden 2 laptops for access to required sites
Mrs. Diana Alvarez Longden Die Cuts to create teaching aids, art, & student projects.
Mrs. Diana Lam Longden iPad air & case for student research
Mrs. Jenny Wong Longden Chromebooks for student learning
Mrs. June  Wang Longden Chromebook & STEM board games
Mrs. Karen Hsieh Longden iPad 2 and cover for STEAM activities
Mrs. Katy Korsavong Longden Creative writing, building, and organizing with films, legos, and storage sacks.
Mrs. Kristen McClure Longden Make the Magic Happen!
Mrs. Lisa Taylor Longden T-shirts for Science Olympiad
Mrs. Lisa Taylor Longden STEAM kits modular magnetic & electronic pieces for building simple machines
Mrs. Marilyn Espinosa Longden 3 Chromebooks for 4th grade for group research and group projects
Mrs. Mary  Sneed Longden Let's Celebrate STEAM and TEAL
Mrs. Michelle Naylor Longden Minecraft Education Edition, resource books, and independent reading materials
Mrs. Seammoy Chun Longden interactive materials for center time
Ms. Crystal King Longden Two Chromebooks with cases for student learning and student research
Ms. Gwendolyn  Wexler Longden Math and science games, manipulatives, and materials for exploration.
Ms. Marlene Garcia Longden Library Rejuvenation
Ms. Patti Taylor Longden Book Shelves & book baskets for AR books in our classroom
Ms. Vera Latreille Longden Cameras for creativity
Mr. Aaron Loomis Oak Macbook for IMovie Student Creations
Mrs. Christina  Barnes  Oak Class iPad and case for student research and engagement.
Mrs. Lisa Copeland Oak Rockets for students to build and launch
Mrs. Rebecca French Oak Purchase trade books for Literature Circles
Ms. Amanda Kasuyama Oak Post-it Board paper for sharing ideas.
Ms. Marta Bourjeili Oak English handbooks for projects and writing groups
Ms. Pati Harrison Oak Adventurer Renaissance Day 2017
Miss. Eileen Duong (Student) for Mr. Elias Bourjeili TCHS Robotics Kits for Elementary Tours
Mr. Bryan Shum (Student) for Mrs. Singh and Mrs. Sisson TCHS Informational field trips to colleges
Mr. Kung Chen (Student) for Sarah Penalora TCHS Funding for Model United Nations registration and competition costs
Mr. Kung Chen (Student) for Stacy Rudzik TCHS Funding to pay for Speech and Debate competition costs
Mr. Nathan  Ngo (Student) for Angie Huang TCHS  Visit a convention where they will learn business and leadership skills
Mrs. Kim Allen TCHS Field Trip: Industry Experts & Resources in Downtown LA
Mrs. Lynn Alvarez TCHS DSLR camera to be used by yearbook students
Mrs. Michele Gaffney TCHS Cross-age, cross- curricular childrens' literature and theatre performance.
Mrs. Wenni Seidell TCHS Kindle / Fire Tablet Grant
Temple City HS Science Olympiad Kevin Slattery TCHS Resources and materials for STEM research in Science Olympiad 
Mrs. Karen Hsieh Longden Bowers Museum Field Trip
Ms. Janette Johnson Oak Overdrive subscription - Audio and E-Books
Ms. Diane Chang Ho DDSLC 6 Laptops for NEW Graphic Design Class
Mr. Reggie Rios DDSLC Graphic Design Euipment for NEW Graphic Design Class
Ms. Ann Thompson Longden First Grade Field Trip to the Natural History Museum
Ms. Louise Huff Oak Hydration Stations
Ms. Catherine Van Gorder Oak Electives Field Trip - Pixar Exhibit @ CA Science Center
Mr. Joe Turner Cloverly Rokenbok Mobile STEM lab


Mr. Allen Wong Cloverly Laptop for Lego Mindstorm programmable robot
Ms. Krista Carlson Cloverly 3 tripods and 2 microphones for existing digital cameras
Mr. Timothy Rodriguez  Emperor Cesar Chavez Day Day of Service
Mr. Timothy Rodriguez  Emperor Project Biography
Mrs. Kirsten Shore La Rosa 25 student peg-looms
Miss. Tina Dorazio Longden 2 Chromebooks for computer coding
Mr. Katy  Korsavong Longden Instax cameras and film for creative writing
Mrs. Alice Chan Longden Books for classroom library.
Mrs. Clarice Acosta Longden Instax cameras and film for creative writing
Mrs. Cyndy Tom Longden Plant and Butterfly lifecycle materials for second grade
Mrs. Diana Lam Longden Ipad Mini & Case for student research
Mrs. Jenny Wong Longden 2 Chromebooks for student learning
Mrs. Karen Hsieh Longden iPad 2 and cover for STEAM activities
Mrs. Karen Wang Longden iPad for Coding in the Classroom
Mrs. Kristen McClure Longden Make More Magic Happen!
Mrs. Mary Sneed Longden OSMO challenges my students to problem solve
Mrs. Michelle Naylor Longden Materials to implement STEAM and TEAL centers
Mrs. Terry Van Leer Longden Instax cameras and film for creative writing
Mrs. Vickie Tremper Longden Decodable black copy masters of 85 reading selections
Ms. Katherine Proctor Longden Instax cameras and film for creative writing
Ms. Kelly Kilmer Longden Instax cameras and film for creative writing
Ms. Nancy Hong Longden Variety of art prints and materials to enhance arts integration
Second Grade Longden Lifecycle materials for hands -on Science
Mr. Jose Marquez TCHS Track and Field uniforms
Mrs. Amy Sisson TCHS College campus visit for TCHS students for Fall of 2016
Ms. Elena Li TCHS Field Trip to Medieval Times
Ms. Vanessa Hadikusumah TCHS Trip to A Noise Within's performance of Romeo and Juliet
TCHS Robotics Team TCHS Parts for Robotics Team
TCHS Key Club - Convention
Ms. Jamie Tibajia La Rosa Reflex Math Site License
Mrs. Dee Moreno La Rosa Reading Garden

FALL 2015
​Mrs. Sally Stokes Cloverly cameras for a Fine Arts program
Ms. Krista Carlson Cloverly Cameras for reading and history classes
Mr. Allen Wong Cloverly Computer coding for students
Ms. Shannon Findley DDSLC ipad/chromebook for student's online curriculum
Mr. Reggie Rios DDSLC Materials for Linoleum block printing and custom canvas build.
Miss. Arielle Garcia (Requested for Mr. Rios) DDSLC Studio Monitors for mixing
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Holocaust Museum
Mrs. Dolores Lopez (Requested for DDSLC Principal) DDSLC DDSLC Team Uniforms
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Leadership Shirts
Mrs. Dolores Lopez DDSLC Leadership Events & Supplies
Mrs. Nina Haynes Emperor HP in-class printer for chromebook student use in research
Miss. Sophia Tran Emperor ipad for student use and supplemental materials for common core
Mrs. Iris Hannon Emperor Funds for online materials and a Printer
Mrs. Nicole Medina Emperor Color photo printer and copier
Mrs. Michelle Conzonire Emperor Color photo printer and copier
Miss. Myra Ruedel Emperor Color photo printer and copier
Miss. Breana Lucas Emperor Money for Scholastic-classroom books and games
Mrs. Helen Hsu Emperor Flipchart easel with pads to create anchor charts
Miss. Deanna Young Emperor Money for Scholastic-classroom books and games
Mrs. Kirsten Shore La Rosa Additoinal Non fiction books for classroom library
Mrs. Diana Lam Longden 6th Grade Field Trip to Norton Simon Museum
Mr. Dan Ferguson Longden support costs for a field trip
Mrs. Kristen McClure Longden Make the Magic Happen
Mr. David Liu Longden Field Trip
Mrs. Karen Wang (Requested for OTM Coaches: David Liu and Karen Wang) Longden Odyssey of the Mind Team T-shirts
Mrs. Karen Wang Longden iPad Mini for Student Research and Digital Storybooks
Mr. Greg Shahoian Longden Exploring the Ancient India exhibit at the Norton Simon museum
Mrs. Samantha Chang Longden Books (class sets) for Reading  materials for STEAM project
Mrs. Christy Taylor Longden Light Table plus materials
Mrs. Karen Hsieh Longden Field Trip to the Norton Simon
Miss. Tina Dorazio Longden Ipad Air 2 for use with Osmo learning system
Mrs. Terry Van Leer Longden Music Instruments for students for S.T.E.A.M. instruction.
Mrs. June Wang Longden iPad for Osmo usage
Mr. Randy Stiver Longden Laptops for student learning
Miss. Debbie Dorazio Longden One ipad mini 4 and case
Mrs. Seammoy Chun Longden Instax Camera Minis for Interactive Notebooks
Ms. Gwendolyn Wexler Longden Creation of a multicultural and multiethnic dramatic play center
Miss. Samantha Jennings Longden Field trip for third graders
Mrs. Jenny Wong Longden Field trip for third graders
Mrs. Denise Lee Longden Field trip for third graders
Mrs. Alice Chan Longden Field trip for third graders
Mrs. Vickie Tremper Longden ipad for classroom use
Mrs. Michelle Naylor Longden Individual lab kits for scientific investigation
Mrs. Nikki Shifter Longden iPad mini for ELD instruction and group research
Mr. Aaron Loomis Oak Chromebook for student research
Ms. Amanda Kasuyama Oak Easel pad paper for students to share ideas and generate discussion
Mr. Jimmy Yu Oak Digital camera for yearbook and computer graphics students
Ms. Pati/Katie Harrison/Arrighi Oak Annual Renaissance Day
Mr. Aryn Hart Oak Steve Spangler Science Supplies;Innovative, Captivating, and Creative Learning
Miss. Melody Lin (Requested for Ms. Rudzik) TCHS Speech and Debate League and Tournment Fees
Miss. Celine Lo (Requested for Mrs. Wong) TCHS Lessen conference fees to make workshops more accessible to members
Ms. Lisa Kidd TCHS  Two iPod touches for use in Animation/Illustration Class
Mrs. Wenni Seidell TCHS iPad Technology in the Classroom
Mr. Lyle Takeshita TCHS Health Education Guest Speaker
Mr. Michael Kidd All District ETC Gio Theatre Lightboard
Mr. Tim Rodriguez Emperor STEAM Books
Ms. Kendra Miller TCHS Sophmore Field Trip to Museum of the Holocaust
Ms. Janette Johnson Oak  Mind Craft.EDU
Ms. Patti Taylor Longden 1st Grade Field Trip to the Natural History Museum
Ms. Joanne Wang TCHS Media Center Books
Mr. Evan Dagger TCHS Comedy Sportz
Society of Friends TCHS Society Of Friends - Disneyland Trip
Ms. Lisa Kidd TCHS Rental of Grapevine room for Art Show