Board of Directors



The Temple City Schools Foundation (TCSF) is an independent, non-profit organization run by a team of dedicated community volunteers. Our mission is to provide funding, programs and community support for educational opportunities that benefit students of the Temple City Unified School District.

Our Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of the months of September, November, January, March and May. These meetings are open to the public and are start at 6:00 p.m. in the District Office Board Room.  An Annual meeting is held in June to discuss the plan for the coming school year and annual fundraising campaign.

As a nonprofit organization, your contributions to TCSF are tax deductible to the extent of allowable by the law. Our EIN is 91-2126088, and our TCSF 501C3 Letter is available for evidence of our nonprofit status. Please note that TCSF is defined by the IRS as a

509(a)2 which is a specific type od 501(c)3.

for more information please contact:

Temple City Schools Foundation

(626) 548-5029 Telephone

or by mail:


P.O. Box 1002

Temple City, California 91780

President                         Linda Payne

Treasurer                         Kathy Chambers

Secretary                         Robert Westgate

Chair, Grants                   Emily Williams

Chair, Summer School     Marty Rockenbach

Director                            Kim Sickles

Director                            Kyla Dunn

Director                            Helen Marston

Director                            Ryan Hoague

Director                            Tessi Ridley

Director                            Kristi Ferntheil

Director                            Suzy Takeda

Director                            Kirsten Shore

Director                            Melissa Espinoza

Director                            Kim Cales

*Photo Jerry Jambazian